Wednesday, May 27


i want you to want me,
i need you to need me,
i'd love you to love me,
i'm begging you to beg me..

shine up my old brown shoes
i put on a brand-new shirt
i'll get home early from work
if you say that you love me

didn't i, didn't i, didn't i see you crying

feeling all alone without a friend
you know you feel like dying.

http://www.emocutez.commama!! i need u..huk2~

2 beBeLan:

babymiLosh said...

i feel lyke dyin to die tooo! uwaaaa~

suMee said...

i hate think of u..think of sumbody who hve couple..n i missing that!!really jelous n mke me feel guilty to myself..uwwwaaaaa~ :((

ceria kite besame..