Saturday, January 30

this song make me feel young always !!

You and me Will be lying Side by side
Forever forever
Underneath This adolescent sky
Together together

And you Will hold my heart Inside your hand
And you'll be the one The one to tell me

Oh, we've got a long Long way to go
To get there We'll get there
But oh If there's one thing That we know
It's that We will not grow old

You made me swear That our hearts Will never die
No never, no never
Cause no one seems To believe That we can fly
Forget them Forget them
Oh, you told me

Oh How could We know that day It came with age
That oh The feeling would fade

my sweetheart!!!

someone once ask me, did i think i was the best future for my girl??

no one in this world is perfect..
you neither me..
but i love her more than anyone else possibly could..
this all the matters...

as long as her life to be my girl...
and i know that she's the one..

ceria kite besame..